Our design professionals are trained to help you choose cabinetry that will help to maximize your space for a highly functional and beautiful result. They will design a layout for you that takes into consideration how you use the room, whether it’s a kitchen, bath, laundry room, great room or office.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel project, one of our designers will meet with you in your home to obtain exact measurements for the space you are remodeling. Our measurements include notes as to the location of plumbing, electrical, vents and any other existing elements that need to be considered in designing the layout of your new cabinetry. Davis Kitchens also sends a different person to perform a second measure before cabinets are ordered for your job to make sure that the approved design for your installation is correct and complete before your cabinets are ordered.

If you are building a new home, we will prepare a preliminary design from your plans. As construction progresses, we will come to the job site to confirm and adjust the design as necessary, prior to ordering your cabinets.