Things I Wish I Knew Before My Kitchen Remodel

December 1, 2022

If you plan ahead for your kitchen renovation, you’ll save money in the long term and increase the value of your home. Take your time to talk to experts, visit showrooms, and define a clear goal to achieve a successful revamp.

Kitchen renovations are one of Davis Kitchens’ specialties because we understand the time it takes to make the right decisions and the urgency of every project.

We’ve encountered so many stories from people that wished they knew how to start and what to do. Therefore, we created this particular blog post to understand the essential elements of a kitchen renovation project.

Let us help you ensure a dream kitchen for your home!

Start with your WHY?

Although it seems obvious, you must be sure of your “why?”

Why are you deciding to start your kitchen renovation?

If you need a clear answer, it’s best to sit back and review your goals. Here are a few reasons why you’re going to start a kitchen renovation project:

  • Increase your kitchen space
  • Boost your home’s resale value
  • Perfect your kitchen lighting
  • Fix plumbing and electric issues
  • Change your flooring
  • Improve functionality and eliminate inconvenience
  • Increase energy and water savings

Whatever your goal is, list the steps you’ll need to take to stay focused. A kitchen renovation offers many options, and it’s easy to get sidetracked, like considering expensive appliances, materials, or unnecessary installation. However, nothing will distract you from the result if you trust experts and your preparation.

Why Should You Determine Your Project’s Duration?

“How long does a kitchen renovation take?”

Every project is different, and depending on their goals; they will require a contrasting time projection. For example, suppose you’re considering changing the footprint, adding or replacing electrical or plumbing features, or renewing your cabinets and appliances – it will extend the delivery date.

Generally, a kitchen renovation project takes about three weeks to complete. Are you prepared to deal with that situation?

Like coexisting with the noise of the demolishing process, for example? You’ll probably need to set a budget to dine elsewhere or order online. If you work from home, you might need to go to a co-working space for the next few days.

These are essential questions that you’ll need to answer. Then, once you have figured it out, talk to your designer to set up a schedule to supervise your project and report on its progress.

How to Use Kitchen Samples for Your Kitchen Remodel?

Carrying samples to a showroom or sharing them with a kitchen designer has its benefits. Some places offer free samples, and others charge a small fee, but it’s worth the investment. You’ll reduce the risk of choosing the wrong material or replacing it with another.

Every accessory, hardware, cabinet, and countertop must fit together in a cohesive group. You must consider if these items look good in your home and evaluate how lighting affects them in different intensities.

The first element in a kitchen that people see are the cabinets. They are the main focal point of your kitchen; they will set the style and tone for everything else.

Pay attention to the wood samples!

Expensive isn’t always better; laminate has become popular thanks to its high quality and affordability – making it a suitable option for most kitchens and homeowners’ pockets.

Why Do Countertops Matter?

They are as important as your kitchen cabinets.

Here are several reasons why you should consider taking your time in choosing them promptly:

Big Impact – they will determine the style of how your kitchen looks and they must match or look similar to your cabinets. Please visit our blog post about kitchen countertops types for a detailed comparison of each material. (Quartz and granite are the most popular ones.)

Constant use – countertops will be prone to scratches and high temperatures; it´s where most of the cooking process takes place.

Highly visible – they are the first thing that people see when they enter a kitchen. They’re like your kitchen’s presentation. The goal is to own a functional countertop with a long lifespan.

Increase Value – Invest in an eye-catching, durable, and functional material when selling your home for more money or looking for a faster transaction.

Challenges When Attempting DIY Kitchen Renovations

Although we respect anyone with the skills in building and repairing their kitchen space, a team of professionals takes about three weeks or more to complete a project. When it comes to DIY, you’ll spend more time and be prone to risky situations.

A professional team can help you oversee all aspects of your kitchen renovation and minimize hazards. You know what they say, “divide and conquer.”

Davis Kitchens will guide you and provide advice based on experience – you’ll stay within budget, have a workable design, tackle unexpected issues, take full advantage of your space, and more!

We hope our article clarifies what you need when starting your kitchen renovation. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance; we’ll be happy to help you achieve a successful kitchen renovation.

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